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Public Events Calendar
February-May 2024

 Contact us if you have any questions about an event.

Wild Flowers

8am-9am Every Saturday EMGs WIXE Radio Let's Get Growing 1190 AM 93.1FM


9a-12noon Every Wednesday Weeding Wednesday in the Teaching Garden. More info here.

2/28/24 --

3/20/24      6pm-8pm Gardening in the Southern Piedmont More Info

3/2/24        9am-12pm Tree and Fruit Plant Sale More Info

3/7/24        7pm-8pm Successful Gardener: Replacing Invasive Plants with Native Plants More Info

3/16/24      11am-1pm Shenanigans in the Garden More Info


4/4/24        7pm-8pm Successful Gardener: Growing the Cucurbit (Squash) Family More Info


5/2/24        7pm-8pm Successful Gardener: Growing, Using and Drying Herbs More Info


5/4/24        9am-12pm Spring Plant Sale More Info

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