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Composting Classes 2021

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Black Soil

Registration links are being made right now...but you can pre-register through our Growline. Click here.

Turn this into..............this!!!

The Class of 2020 was awarded a grant to educate the public about composting. From April - October 2021, we will offer a free one hour class to show you how to create compost from easily found items. Actually most of the material needed is usually considered trash. So reduce the landfill waste and create compost to improve your soil dramatically and naturally.


The April class will be conducted via Zoom and can host up to 300 registrants. The May-September classes are in person, with registration via Eventbright. Class is limited to 35 registrants so pick a date and sign up soon! The October class is part of our Successful Gardener series and will meet in person at the Ag Center 3230 Presson Road, Monroe. You find the group a the new Pavilion in the Teaching Garden.


The first 10 registrants who also attend the event will receive the option to purchase an 80 gallon composter at less than 50% MSRP. Part of our grant subsidizes the cost. We will also offer kitchen scrap totes as door prizes. Register for a date below.

April 27       7pm-8pm                     Virtual Class via Zoom register here.

May 22       2pm-3pm                     Waxhaw Farmers Market, Waxhaw, NC. Register via Eventbright here.

June 12       1:30pm-2:30pm           Wingate Methodist Church, Wingate, NC. Register via Eventbright here.

August 6      10:30am-11:30am      Council on Aging Next Door Garden Monroe, NC. Register via Eventbright here.

Sept 25       1:30pm-2:30pm           Roots Farm, Weddington, NC. Register via Eventbright here.

October 7    7pm-8pm                     Union County Agricultural Center Monroe, NC.

                                                   To attend in person register via Eventbright here.


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