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Join us for our returning gardening series: 
Gardening in the Southern Piedmont
Wednesdays from February 28- March 20, 2024
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


We had great success with this series last year and so we are back by popular demand.

Join MARSH the local chapter of NC Wildlife Federation in 28173 zip code, the NC Extension Master Gardener   Volunteers of Union County, NC State Extension and the Wild Ones Charlotte Piedmont Chapter for a collaborative four class series focused on gardening in the Mecklenburg/Union County area for new residents and/or new gardeners.

Our summers are warm (ok, hot!) and winters are mild. The soil is tough…sometimes literally. But this area is a great place to garden. We can always have a food crop growing, tons of trees and flowering plants grow well here and we have a nice, long growing season.


The Syllabus

2/28/24 Class 1 The Basics with Cindy Proctor, CPCC Horticulture Instructor

Topics include sunlight requirements, soil, planting times, watering, plant care, composting


3/06/24 Class 2 The Yard with Debbie Dillion, Union County Extension Horticulture and Linda Nelson, President Wild Ones Charlotte Piedmont Chapter

Topics include to turf or not, basic landscape design practices, plants to consider with a focus on adding native plants, maintenance considerations


3/13/24 Class 3 The Wildlife with Alden Picard, Conservation Coordinator, NC Wildlife Federation

Topics include creating wildlife habitats, plants and practices that support butterflies, bees, birds and all the other creatures, maintenance advantages of adding more natives plants, and a case for diversity


3/20/24 Class 4 Solving Problems with instructors and Lisa Tompkins, owner Carolina Heritage Nursery

Topics will include pest control, climate change implications, plant sourcing, dealing with HOAs and more.

We will also have plants for sale!


Classes will be approximately 2 hours in length with time for questions and discussion. We will provide educational materials, videos, useful websites and after class support. This class will be held live, in person at the Village Hall in Marvin, NC at 10006 Marvin School Road.


The cost is $100 for the five class series.

Register through the NC Wildlife Federation here.


For more information send us an email.

Access Class Resources here (password required)


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