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Growing Roses in Union County, NC
or other Piedmont Zone 8A gardens


It might not be easy but it can be done and many of the Union County Master Gardeners believe the trouble is worth the reward. Our soil tends to have low organic matter content, low fertility, sometimes poor drainage and sometimes it’s rocky. Our weather is often very hot and humid in the summer and sometimes in the spring and fall too! This is not prime rose growing conditions. But where there is a will there is a way!

The Tried and True

These roses are in Union County gardens right now and they are doing just fine thank you. They handle the heat and humidity ok. No rose is going to flourish without some attention but these do ok.

Zeprine Droughin

Brindabella series Purple Prince and Touch of Pink

New Dawn

Don Juan

Julia Child


Easy Elegance series Kashmir

(the photos above are in this order)


Witherspoon Rose is a great resource for planting, growing and purchasing.


From NCSU Extension

General info about growing roses

Rose Pest Management Calendar so you can prepare for the inevitable and maybe get a bit ahead of pests.

Rose rosette article 2020

Rose rosette article 2019

With loads of more specific info

From Clemson

General info about growing roses

Pruning roses

Earth Kind Roses

Rose Diseases and Treatment

With loads of more specific info



Rosa 'Julia Child' in the landscape

We will add more info as we gather it.

Share your rose stories, good or bad, and we will add to this page. Send an email to our Growline here.

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