Successful Gardener- February 3rd, 2022 @ 7 PM

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From the Ground Up!

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The single most important thing a gardener can learn is how to improve and care for the soil. The soil is a living entity full of macroscopic and microscopic life and nutrients for all that grows within and above it. Feed the soil and the soil will feed your plants.

In Union County, NC and the surrounding area, we are not blessed with fabulous soil, all the more reason to learn everything you can about how soil works and how you can improve your soil to grow healthier plants. This class will focus on interpreting soil tests, common soil problems and the top 5 management priorities for creating healthy soil.


We are so excited to have Mark Dempsey lead us through this exciting topic. Mark is the Farm Services Manager at the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association. He helps farmers implement conservation practices and transition to organic production through technical assistance and CFSA’s field research program. He is a cover crop specialist, and worked for many years as a researcher studying soil microbiology, weed science and cover crops in organic no-till production. He is also a PhD student at Clemson, working on adapting lentils and peas for organic production in the Southeast.


You will learn something new about soil in this class! So join us February 3rd at 7PM and start improving your soil.


This class will be held virtually via WebEx, please register here.